Water Blasting

Our Industrial Water Blasting business is built on Service, Equipment and People.

Pressure Washing Water Blasting

Water blasting is critical part of the cleanup process. Only through combining high pressure, high volume and high temperature, can some of the toughest materials in your facility be cleaned, cut or removed. We understand the advantage of this technology. That’s why we’ve added the newest water blasting equipment, invested in state-of-the-art accessories and spent the time necessary to ensure that our technicians are expertly trained. Your facility’s heavy industrial cleanup needs are our primary concern.

Whether you require routine surface cleaning or precision water blasting, C&K Industrial Services has your answer. And for fast turn-around, you can count on our “Just-In-Time” service commitment.

2012-11-27 10.30.00 Pressure Washing

C&K utilizes a variety of pressure washing equipment. Everything from small, single gun, cold-water pressure washers, to large, customized, multi-gun hot water wash trucks. All the equipment can be used in conjunction with approved cleaning agents to assist in the washing process.

The large customized wash trucks are capable of powering up to (6) lances at a time from the same single power unit. This greatly reduces the need for people and equipment, making C&K very efficient in the field. The wash trucks are completely self-contained, reducing our reliance on our customers electrical and water sources.

So, if it’s a sensitive monument to be restored or an entire production line – C&K has the people and equipment to meet the challenge.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX 360 Stack cleaning

C&K has developed techniques to clean smoke stack interiors. The stack is rinsed with high-pressure water from top to bottom – removing material build up and allowing for better inspection and repairs. This whole process can be done without the need for human entry into the stack, making it safer for us and cleaner for the inspection and repair crews.

You ask how high can we go? Stacks up to 1,000 feet tall are well within our reach.

20140616100122 Tank Cleaning

Tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and hold an assortment of products, but they share one common need – occasional cleaning. C&K has many techniques and apparatuses at its disposal to take on these difficult tasks. Whether it be remote cleaning using 2D or 3D rotating water blasting heads to scour the inside of the tank without entry, or simply vacuuming the material from the tank, C&K has the equipment and expertise to get the job done.

C&K has the versatility to handle the wide array of exchanges and condensers used in the industry today. We have developed various methods and fabricated special equipment for use in cleaning the material built up in these tubes. Whether it is a remotely controlled tube cleaner, or and old – fashioned manual lancing, C&K tackles the toughest of projects.

Water Blasting Ultra – High Water blasting

C&K’s ultra – high water blasting thoroughly cleans and/or removes all unwanted paints, coating and material buildup. C&K has the ability of cleaning carriers, tanks, beams…almost any surface down to the bare metal in seconds. Our ultra – high water blasting service is significantly more efficient than traditional methods of material removal such as sandblasting, chemical striping or burning. The ultra – high water blasting process is also a much more environmentally sound process because there are no fumes, dust or increased waste.

Hydro Demolition Hydro-demolition

Everyone knows how rivers erode and cut through stone and earth to form deep gorges and valleys. C&K utilizes this concept to remove concrete and cut steel. Hydro-demolition, simply defined is the removal of concrete by using high-pressure water and specialized equipment that focuses the water flow into a broad stream that disintegrates concrete.

Screenshot 2015-04-16 10.32 Air Pre-heater cleaning

Large air pre-heaters require significant volumes of water and pressure. Whether baskets or tubes, horizontal or vertical, C&K has the required expertise to get the job done. We provide Ljungstrom & Rothmuhl basket air heater cleaning methods. The equipment and techniques developed utilize high horse – power/high flow units to efficiently and reliably clean pre-heaters. This ultimately keeps our customers’ costs down.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX 360 On-Line Boiler De-slagging

C&K Industrial Services offers a variety of on-line Hydro-blasting services including de-slagging of coal fired boilers using either high pressure low volume hydro-blasting or high pressure high volume hydro-blasting depending upon the location and size of the clinkers or reflective ash. C&K has been performing on-line de-slagging services for over 33 years, and performs the service at numerous coal fired stations.


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