Industrial Vacuuming

Today more than ever, the need for innovative pneumatic conveyance solutions is critical. Because of this, C&K Industrial Services operates and maintains an extensive vacuum truck fleet with the most technologically advanced equipment available. In terms of C&K’s vacuuming expertise, we’ve developed extensive experience in a variety of industries; vacuuming materials such as ore, coal, bricks, fly ash, coke, shot , cement, slag and more. We can also custom design equipment to meet your highly specialized needs. Whether you require a fleet of two or twelve, our multi-truck capability will save you time, scheduling headaches and money. And all of this comes with an experienced team of trained technicians providing the highest value for your cleaning and maintenance budget. C&K Industrial Services truly is the company of choice for all your heavy industrial vacuuming needs.

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Cyclonic Separation & Off – Loading

A very common challenge is “How do you efficiently remove the transport material?” The solution that works best for many wastes is a simple one, a cyclonic separator. This device can be used while vacuuming load material directly into drums or roll – offs. The waste can then be deposed of or recycled in a cost effective manner.


Vacuum Roll – Roll Boxes

These unique boxes can be used to increase productivity while reducing our customers costs. C&K directly loads vacuum boxes with our vacuum trucks; once full, the vacuum truck simply begins to load another vacuum box while the first box is hauled off. This provides the efficient use of both vacuum and transportation trucks, saving time and money.


High Vacuum & Air Flow

C&K owns and operates an extensive fleet of vacuum trucks. The trucks have positive displacement vacuum pumps capable of generating negative pressure up to 27” Hg with airflow of up to 6,000 CFM. These pumps are used to carry a multitude of dense or light material extreme distance into the truck, ready for transport to the disposal site.


Blow off Truck

Our blow-off systems in our vacuum trucks provide the ability to replace material after it has been removed from the area. This system is ideal for use when cleaning a silo. Once the dry material is drawn out into the truck, the blow-off system is able to pneumatically convey the material back into the silo. This process can be used in many different applications.

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA)

When material requires, C&K operates with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters for vacuuming up dry, sandy material that is too light to be vacuumed using standard wet/dry vacuum trucks. The HEPA filter traps dust and prevents potential environmental problems with dust emissions.



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