Our Innovation


Hands-Free water blasting technology

We pride ourselves in our commitment to work closely with our customers and provide the most advanced technology in our industry. Our new hands-free, fully automated, water blasting technology, the M1H Robot, M1 Robot and AutoBox are excellent examples of this dedication. The benefits of this technology are extensive, including the elimination of operator fatigue, ergonomic discomfort, confined space entry and greatly reduced operator safety risk.


RECycler 315

This state-of-the art sewer cleaning vehicle is the best, most durable and most sophisticated sewer cleaning vehicle on the market. C&K’s main priorities are maintaining a clean environment and a safe workforce. With the RECycler 315, these priorities are easily met by the ability to stay onsite with minimal water usage.


CCTV w/ Sonar & TISCIT

C&K’s sonar assessments can be provided as a standalone inspection, or overlaid with a synchronized video inspection to provide a 360 degree picture of the pipe.


Manhole Inspections

Our MACP- certified operators use the latest 3D inspection equipment. This technology enables our clients to review an interactive 3D inspection, taking snapshots and measurements back at the office.



C&K has multiple camera transporters to perform inspections in differing pipe sizes, from six inch pipes up to nine foot interceptors. Our transporters can be built up or down on site by simply changing wheel size and lifting height of camera to keep it central in the pipe during inspection to better see pipe condition. The speed of the crawler is controlled by the operator to keep it at the required thirty feet per minute NASSCO guidelines.

Environmental Containment

To ensure the safety and cleanliness of the area surrounding the job site, C&K uses a customized Containment system when necessary. This greatly reduces any risk of leaks or spills when materials are being relocated/pneumatically conveyed.