Our Company


The roots of C&K Industrial Services go back to humble beginnings in the solid waste business. Over 80 years ago, a small company was formed to pick up and dispose of rubbish in downtown Cleveland using a horse – drawn cart. This small family company grew and eventually became a dominant solid waste market force in Cleveland, Ohio.

Expanding on a history of waste management, Ohio Municipal Services, Inc. (the predecessor of C&K Industrial Services, Inc.) was formed to purchase the assets of a small service company. The following year the name was changed to better identify the company with its primary customer base-heavy industry.

The initial service lines were vacuuming and sewer cleaning. The company has expanded its services from their modest beginnings into a full service company. We continue to invest in a broad service portfolio to better meet the needs of our customers.

C&K has also steadily expanded its geographical footprint. The company’s initial service area was the Cleveland to the Pittsburgh corridor. Today the company has several offices providing services from the East Coast, Midwest and down into the South. The geographical reach of the company continues to grow.


Our mission is to provide high quality industrial services to our valued customers. These services will be provided by trained professionals committed to excellence, safety and customer satisfaction.

Our values constitute that we will never compromise safety or environmental stewardship for profit. We will maintain total integrity with our customers, employees and community. We will perform with the highest standard of ethics and accountability. We will strive to ensure the profitability of our customers and ourselves. We will treat all of our customers and employees equally with dignity and respect.


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